Amaretto Bridge of Weir



Baked garlic & rosemary mini focaccia sticks. {v}

Mini calzone stuffed with crumbled italian sausage, roquito peppers and mozzarella.

Italian pepperoni, tomato sugo & mozzarella pizzette.


Breaded mozzarella sticks with tomato sugo. {V}

Portobello mushroom, filled with spinach, marinated peppers & gorgonzola. {gf}

Courgette batons, coated in a light crisp batter & shallow fried with lemon mayo. {V}


Linguine tossed in a tomato, basil & mascarpone sugo.

Penne with pietros’ crumbled Italian sausage, a little chilli & tomato sugo.

Linguine tossed with grilled chicken, portobello mushroom, cream & parmesan sauce.


Crisp & fried calamari rings served with citrus mayo.

King prawns flash fried in garlic, white wine & chilli butter. {gf}

Scottish mussels steamed with prosecco, lemon, thyme, shallots & fresh parsley. {gf}


Garlic & rosemary marinated fillet strips flash fried in olive oil. {gf}

Salsiccia meatballs cooked in a tomato, herb sugo with grated parmesan. {gf}

Prosciutto, rocket and parmesan shavings with extra virgin olive oil. {gf}

Tuscan salsiccia & chorizo bean stew.